Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Running for Boobies, and a Giveaway or Two

This weekend was Race for the Cure in Little Rock. Part of me was dreading the crowds (There were over 50,000 people registered for the race in Little Rock... That's a lot of people filling up downtown!), but I was excited about getting to walk in honor of my friend Jess. She is one of my best friends, and was diagnosed with breast cancer in April. It has been a long road with a lot of tears, laughs, prayers, and revelations, but she is here, and that is what counts. The doctor had told her last week that her white blood cell counts were so low that the only way she could attend Race for the Cure was if she wore a full face mask, so the AWESOME ladies at Hello Ladies blinged out her face mask! It turned out awesome...
 Our team was called "Jessica's Walkers for Knockers". Admit it, you love the name! By the way, the starbucks? Is permanently attached to my hand. Especially during the winter. Yes, I have a problem. I'm working on it. Maybe... *cough*

Me and Jess. Oh, and her AWESOME blinged-out face mask! I'm just excited she got to go. She is one of the strongest people I know. She has been such an inspiration.

 I was right in the middle of the crowd. This is what 50,000 looks like from the front view...

... And this is what it looks like when you turn around. Yes, I am extremely talented for being able to do this while walking and avoiding tripping over people. THAT is talent. (Or it could be because of a loving mother who was spotting for me while I walked backwards... But I digress...)

In one day on Saturday, I had Race for the Cure, lunch with a cousin who I haven't seen in 16 years, and a wedding. The whole time I was thinking about a few key things:

1) How incredibly blessed I am. I have my health, I'm able to support others, I have done something with my life, and I am continually moving forward. This seems so basic, but I think we all tend to take the small things forgranted. Maybe you have kids you can be thankful for, or maybe you've recovered from a serious illness... And the list goes on. Everyone struggles in life because unfortunately that's just life. But life is not about what happens to us; It is about how we pick ourselves up, learn from it, and move forward. You can moan and complain about how things suck, bills are never-ending, the economy sucks, and the US is going to hell in a handbasket... But is that really getting you anywhere? If something is bothering you, change it. If you can't change it, then why are you worrying yourself with it?

2) Never underestimate or forget the power and importance of relationships. Whether with your spouse, kids, family, friends, even coworkers, relationships are what get us through life. Humans are social by nature. Where would you be if you didn't have support for all the endeavours you set out on? Or if you didn't have someone to vent to when you were having a rough day? Or (my personal favorite) if you did not have someone to share great news or a beautiful sunset with? Keep close those you trust. Never take them forgranted. And always remember to show your love and appreciation, because they might need to know they're loved just as much as you do.

Those were just a few thoughts that carried over from the weekend. Onto my next random topic...


Ok, I'm not giving anything away, but I know a few people that are. :-) Check out SUAR's new FFC Giveaway. And if you don't keep up with Beth over at Shut Up and Run, you should. She's pretty much awesome. Hilarious, sometimes insightful, and I sure hope you don't mind talking about/reading about bodily functions. That is all I shall say on that. :-)

Also, do not forget... If you are interested in losing weight, if you have a fitness plan in place, or if you are wanting to stay on track during the holiday season... The Holiday Booty Buster Challenge with RunToTheFinish is coming up soon to provide you with a little extra holiday fitness motivation. As long as she doesn't take points off for eating a little extra dressing and banana pudding, I think I'll be okay...

So that is all for now... Until next time!

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