Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Sickness and "The Talk"

If any of you had trouble with eating too much holiday food, I can tell you that I found the secret to avoiding that problem! Get sick over the holidays. Blegh.

That is where I have been. Christmas Eve and day I had a horrible migraine, and then the day after Christmas up until today I have been dealing with a Gawd-awful stomach bug that insisted on stealing any trace of food and water I possibly had in my system. Not fun, suffice it to say.

On the up side (if you can call television-watching an up side), I found an old childhood favorite on Netflix and watched that- in two takes thanks to a much needed nap...

Feel-good family movie... Gotta love it

Also, had the opportunity to see a gorgeous sunset on Christmas Day evening while traveling to see the family. You can't beat a beautiful sunset. :-)

Once again, excuse the blurry camera phone pics. And the big truck that decided to be a camera hog.


Being from a small town, there are certain.... quirks.... That show themselves as one gets older. Such as the fact that because I was not married and popping out kids by 19, there must be something wrong with me. I thought moving to a bigger city would help me avoid this taboo of being in my early twenties and not having at least 2 children already (gasp at the thought!), but there is always the holidays! *sigh*.....

My other half and I have been together now for almost 5 months. Decent dating time, right? Not too serious, but not casual either. Well, I go visit my father (good ol' country boy in the small town, as previously mentioned...) and he asks how long Jonas and I have been dating. I say almost 5 months. The conversation went as follows... (you can be sure to insert the southern accent in your head)

Dad: "5 months, huh? Any chance you'll be making it permanent soon??"
Me: "Dad! I just turned 24. There is still plenty of time and I'm not going to rush it."
Dad: "Well, just checkin. Ya know, I'm not gettin any younger. Mike, my partner at work, already has 5 grandchildren. I'm just sayin..."
Me: *glaring daggers* "Look, I still have plenty of time, and you're not going anywhere. I would think you would want me to take my time and make it a forever thing. Besides, I think you're just wanting to make sure the first grandchild doesn't come from the 18 year old boy (my brother) with the 16 year old girlfriend."
Dad: *coughs and turns the TV volume up*

*Sigh....* Gotta love holidays with the family....

I will be back soon with my New Years post. I will be touching on several different things, as well as hopefully debuting my inspiration board! We shall see. :-)

Ta Ta for now!


  1. ugh, I'm sick too - not fun!

    I'm from a small town too, and we (my sisters and I) were all treated like old maids for waiting until we were in our 30's to get married! Yet all those right out of high school marriages didn't even survive 5 years...

    New follower from the blog hop!

  2. Nice to make your acquaintance! :-) Yeah, I've noticed that trend too... Maybe 1 out of 20 early marriages around here have lasted, and I'm the minority for not already having kids. My dad? Is 50. Just turned 50 actually. I think he'll survive a few more years while I play old maid. ;-)

    Maybe I should tell him I'm going to start adopting cats just to see what he says... :-)

    I look forward to following your blog! Have a great New Year!

  3. Family. Gotta love em.

    I'm curious to see the debut of your inspiration board!

  4. I'm from a really small town also - i can really relate! :) Hope you are feeling better! Coming by from the blog hop!

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