Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Introduction of Sorts... Is This Thing On?

Alright stop, collaborate and listen...

Ok, I promise the crazy lyric references will be few and far between... Ten points to the first person who knows what song that is from. Twenty points if you admit that you now have that song stuck in your head!

So anyway... I'm Beth, and while I've been stalking following several different blogs for awhile now, I thought it would be a good idea to create my own, however inconsequential it might be. Another motivator for me creating this is the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge by RunToTheFinish. Mention free stuff, you might have my attention. Mention free running gear, and I'm all over that.

I was raised in a small town, which I will clarify because for some, small means 100,000 or so. I came from a town of 1,300... The kind of town where if I did something wrong, my mom knew about it within thirty minutes. But we all know that never happened, right? *Crickets Chirping* I digress...

I am now living in Little Rock, AR starting into a new "big girl" career after college, and I have realized a few things:
1) It's no wonder people are thrown off when they enter "the real world." I went from classes, part time job, and 6 different clubs, to nothing but an 8-5 job with a god-awful commute. So how is it I am more tired from that at the end of the day than I was in college? I think I'm getting old already...
2) I can't eat like I could in high school and college. Blame it on the metabolism, the desk job, whatever... Fact is, I have started to discover the ups, downs, ins and outs of healthy eating. Through this blog, you will meet my arch nemesis, the monthly company potluck. And I will also be taking advice from several of the blogs I keep up with, and learning to enjoy the healthy side of food rather than focus on the limits and restrictions of dieting.
3) Along with my change in perspective on eating, I have discovered my true love: Running. I love all things to do with running. I do it, research it, read about it, and go through withdrawals without it. I joined my local running club because my friends and family were sick of hearing me go on and on about it. As I said before, you will get to go along for the journey through HBBC and hopefully afterwards as well.
4) In the "real world", time flies. The whole point to this blog (and also the name) is that I do not want to be one of those people that joins a company and then 10 years and 30 pounds later, I'm wondering where time went and I'm looking back at "the good ole days." *Sidenote: Is that saying a southern thing? Hmm...*

A few random facts about me...

I reached a point in June 2010 that I decided I had enough. I decided to work on improving my life, and I knew one of the biggest aspects would be fitness. I missed being active, so I got back in the gym. I did a lot of cross training, but it wasn't until around November 2010 that I discovered how much I actually enjoyed running. Long story short, in March 2011, I ran my first 5K. It was cold, it was rainy, and yet I loved every minute of it. I could not shut up about the people, the excitement, the race itself, pushing myself through the cold and soreness... Blah blah blah is all my family heard I'm pretty sure.

Moving forward, I got sucked deeper and deeper into the world of running. I started finding out that 5K distances were just the beginning. I started upping my mileage little by little, trying different sports and classes for cross training, and learning as much as I could about everything fitness and health. August 2011 I decided that March 2012 would be my first half marathon, until I suffered an injury that put me out for six weeks. Monday will be my first day back to running, and I'm a mixture of emotions. I've lost so much training and probably will not be able to run the half marathon in March. But if there is anything I have learned, it is that I need to be happy with the little things.

First of all, the joy of running is that I still have plenty of time. I'm only 24, and considering I will never go pro at anything, my athletic career will not abruptly end at 30. My uncle is an ultra marathoner that is still running ultras in his 70s (YES I have the running gene in my family!! *cough* *clear throat* so I have plenty of time to run right. Also, I instead of being upset about the injury, I need to celebrate how far I have come. In a year I have lost 45 pounds, and gained a whole new perspective on listening to and taking care of my body. The changes have been astounding, and I do not need to undermind that. If there is something I have learned from looking at other running blogs, it is that I am not the only person injuries happen to, and you just have to take care of it and then get back up when you're ready.

A few obligatory pictures because that's how I roll for a little glimpse into my life...

My first 5K in March 2011- I have lost about 30 lbs since this. 

Me and the love of my life- my muscle man :-) 

I have an 18 year old cockatiel named Sweetie.
He is an opinionated old man, who is just as quirky as I am.

So this is all for now... Enjoy the rest of your week!

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